NOW NO SWIMS ON MON (Upside down).

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  • Anthonyrox1998


  • RushAndRuleIt

    That’s an ambigram, not a palindrome.

  • Tor A Parsons

    True, it’s an ambigram. Mon is a river in Pennsylvania, I believe, so this makes some sense. I have some more ambigrams to add to the site:

    -WOW MOM

    And a few palindromes of my own creation:

    -I, Ma, saw a seed. No, it never pees. I see prevention. Dee saw, as am I.
    -Raw war.
    -Sex, a tram law, DNA, and Walmart axes.
    -Noru bit nine men in Tiburon.
    -Regal night life: filth, gin, lager.
    -Was a regal lager: a saw.
    -Yo, soy!
    -Ottoman Empire: We rip men (a motto)