Aibohphobia (fear of palindromes)

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  • guest

    a bit ironic that aibohphobia is a palindrome

  • Billybobjoe902004

    Who ever named it definitely has a cruel but amazing since of humor.

  • Guest

    right dont they i laughed when i read it backwards

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  • Joe Shmoe

    Can you image what it’d be like to have this? Afraid of the label of your fear?

    There  are a few others like this, like the fear of large words

  • Guest

    Reminds me of  hippopotomonstrosesquippedaliophobia (The fear of long words) Because it too is ironic.

  • Hannahmojo

    Oh the irony!

  • Ayame Uchiha

    hahahah <- palindrome

    on phineas and ferb, there was a guy named Professor Ross Eforp…

  • Segimente

    Just No…

  • aksaaran

    a palindrome is not scary unless you think it is a sign of religion that scares you.

  • Cheyanne

    No, fake.

  • ChocBananas

    A perfect example of the Harry Potter quote: Fear of the name only increases fear of the thing itself. This is very cool. I only wish the word “palindrome” was palindromic!

  • Minsat

    Just what I was thinking!
    Also: dyslexia is hard to spell, abbreviation is a longish word and is there another word for synonym?

  • Karla from the block

    HA! GAY

  • Karla from the block

    Wow! Really Jeffrey? You’re gonna go and record me while we fuck? I didn’t know you were that type of guy but you know what it’s okay that you sent the video to your friends because I gave you herpes,gonoreah,HIV,and I peed on your cat you jerk !!!

  • Karla from the block

    Oh Shawn you silly cocksucking mother motherfucker we all know you have a small penis but no ahead and read it backwards you unsensative bitch my mom died from reading this backwards and now how do you feel huh? Yeah now she’s not here with me;c now I have no one to clean my belly button

  • hi

    palindromes r a ball of fiery crap from outer slace that were discovered by dinosaurs( true fact)

  • kyle

    now thaats a dope band name..

  • jayran

    I feel very strongly about this palindrome

  • jacktastic

    oh wow but ive got a better one asantaatnasa!

  • Guest

    lisp has an ‘s’ in it

  • Steven Nevets(Not my real name

    The fear of long words is a long word and the fear of palidromes is a palidrome? And the fear of phobias is a phobia?

  • Elenor Ronele(Not my real name

    what the octopus

  • Naruk Kuran(Not my real name

    Ailliphillia (the love of palidromes) is a palidrome.

  • Nergaw Wagner(Not real name


  • Madison Nosimad(Not real name)

    What if the fear of swearing is f***phobia

  • cx

    And the fear of long palidromes is aibohpamanaplanacatahamayakayamahatacanalpanamaphobia ant the fear of palidromes with swears is aibohpdammitimmadphobia

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